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Training in NJ for over 20 years 

About Me

I've had a love for dogs my entire life.  I've started training  when I adopted my first German Shepherd Puppy, which led me to training other people's dogs.  In 2001 a beautiful Golden Retriever came into my life and it was with him that I got interested in Therapy Dogs.  After a 6 week training course, we became a certified therapy team with Bright and Beautiful Therapy Dogs, we have been working as a therapy team ever since.

I'm a certified Therapy Dog Evaluator and my dogs Jake and Angel are certified as Test dogs.
I'm a member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers and an AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator.

In 2002 I became an Instructor with Town and Country Obedience Club located in Union County, NJ. And joined the world of Obedience competition.  Besides conducting classes for competition,  I taught  puppy classes, basic obedience, novice and intermediate obedience.  I'm always adding to my knowledge of dogs and their behavior by attending lectures and seminars to stay on top of the latest training methods.

My services include Obedience training, Behavior problems, Therapy dog training and training for Service Dogs for owners that prefer to train their own service dog.  My goal is to help you build a bond of trust and love with your canine family member.​
I understand the strain in having an excitable, disobedient or problematic dog as I've been there. That is why I built CaninePaws to help others
Jimmy Soto recommends CaninePaws Dog Training.
August 4, 2019 ·
Marie did a wonderful job training my rescued pups while helping me be a better dog dad. I appreciate all of her advice and recommend her to anyone that needs help with their furry family members. I recommended her to a close friend of mine and she also had a great experience with her. Thanks Marie!
Thank you so much for the training. It was a pleasure wo work with you. I will definitely recommend you if I know of anyone Looking for training. I will keep you abreast of Melo's process. Best of Luck to you.

Rahway, NJ 
Marie is an experienced, versatile and most of all gentle trainer. She can handle all breeds large and small.  She has a special touch when if comes to puppies, they just seem to respond to her like magic.

She has been instrumental in helping my Wheaton, Gyspy become a therapy dog. Currently, she is helping with another wheaten, Parker, a puppy mill rescue.  Parker was extremely frighten at first. He needed help in trusting people, general socializing as well as obedience training.  With Marie's expert help he has improved greatly and is on his way to become a balanced, happy dog.

Cathy, Rahway, NJ 
A winning approach to positive training!

Marie is committed to improving the quality of life for all animals and their owners. she has a winning approach and represents the true definition of compassionate.   She has keen understanding of animals and their behaviors.   One word to sum up Marie's training.....delightful !   I highly recommend Marie to all my friends! She's the best !

Christine Piga
Town and Country Dog Obedience Club
I completely and enthusiastically recommed Marie Colasanti.  She's incredibly patient and promotes good behavior with positive reinforcement....The rewards of a well-trained dog are endless-my two German Shepherds are Marie's students- my 5-year old female continues CD training and my 2+old year male rescue is quickly learning to overcome "issues" that stem from an unknown history.  This is my personal strong endorsement to use Marie to train your dog (and yourself).

Roselle Park 
Marie Colasanti (owner of CaninePaws) is a consummate professional in her field.  She is continually reaching to achieve her best through continuing education so that she can better communicate with the dogs she works with.  Her outstanding credentials speak for themselves, but as a professional in the canine industry for over 25 years myself, I know Marie to be a caring professional who seeks to put 150% into everything that she does.  You can't go wrong by choosing CaninePaws Dog Training --- your dog will thank you for it!

Kimberly Carnevale
President, Canine and Abled, Inc.

I have known Marie for 6 or 7 years. She came to us to have her dog Jake certified as a Bright and Beautiful Therapy Dog.  It didn't take me long to realize that Marie is a very caring person and she loves dogs.  She has a wealth of knowledge on how to train a dog in the most kindest of ways.  She has raised a Seeing Eye Puppy and when he was rejected she adopted him knowing he had multiply behaviors and has worked tirelessly to correct those behaviors.  She recently helpd train and certified a goup of handlers and their dogs to work as teams for Bright and Beautiful Therapy Dogs, Inc.  There was a class of 9 and not one of them failed because of Marie's dedication and patience.  She helped build the owners confidence, which in turn helped them have confidence in their dog and their ability to train their dog.

Sayreville, NJ

Marie Colasanti is a certified evaluator for The Bright and Beautiful Therapy Dogs.  As an evaluator it is her job to carefully screen dogs and handlers for our organization to ensure they have the proper temperament and are suitably trained to become therapy dogs.   If they require further training, Marie can give them the direction and training necessary to help them succeed.

Marie is also a facility captain for Bright and Beautiful.  It is her responsilbilty to arrance visits and guide our certified therapy dog teams through facilities safely and effectively during visitation.

Marie has also been appointed liaison for Northeast Crisis Coalition for Bright and Beautiful  Therapy Dogs.  Marie handles all communication between the organization and coordinates  call-outs for members.

I've known Marie Colasanti and her therapy dogs Jake and Angel since 2002.  Marie's dogs have always been well trained and beautifully behaved.  She and her dogs have always been the kind of members I could send to any event or faculty with confidence -they were always flawless.

She is a tremendous asset to Bright and Beautiful Therapy Dogs and we 're so happy to have her on our team!

June Golden, Board Chair
Executive Director, Founder
Bright and Beautiful Therapy Dogs Inc.